Solutions for Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security, focused on 4D (Space + Time) artificial scenario management

ORBIT GUARD (GMSPAZIO Satellite Tracking Toolkit)
ORBIT GUARD has been built to assist customers in analyzing collision avoidance risks and managing satellite missions. It’s the integrated system able to allow the cooperation of several heterogeneous SSA/SST Systems devoted to Space Surveillance & Tracking and Space Situational Awareness operations.

ORBIT WIZARD (GMSPAZIO Constellation Builder)
GCOD allows users to design and optimize a walker constellation or a formation flying mission. Access to a specific area or specific ground station(s) will be maximized, minimizing the number of required satellites.

SHIELD MASTER (GMSPAZIO Missile Defence Toolkit)
SHIELD MASTER offers integrated Modeling & Simulations capabilities to model Missile Defense Network performance. It models and simulates ICBM, MRBM, SRBM single and multiple stages, ballistic and guided missile scenarios.

GSIF (GMSPAZIO Satellite Imaging Forecast)
GSIF investigates imaging acquisition opportunities for a wide set of customizable EO satellite missions. It allows users to simplify the image request steps through a set of tools able to contact directly a predefined set of Remote Sensing Data Suppliers.

GARA (GMSPAZIO Advanced Radar Analysis)

GARA has been developed to allow users to perform an advanced radar analysis and detection in a real-time simulation and 3D modeling environment, producing a set of reports, and graphs and showing dynamic values in the 3D window to further visual estimation.

GSMS (GMSPAZIO Satellite Mission Simulator)

GSMS simulates realistic mission scenarios to verify satellite system performances, mission performances, and figures in a 3D modeling environment. It allows to analysis mission features and scenarios to support system elements optimization.