About us

GMSPAZIO serves since 2005, Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security, with solutions focused on 4Ds (Space + Time) Synthetic Scenarios Management to help customers managing: Complex Simulation Scenarios, Space Surveillance & Tracking and Space Situational Awareness issues, Border Patrol Control Activities, Missile Defense Network Modeling, Satellite Remote Sensing Projects, and UAVs Surveillance Activities, offering Products, Services, and Training to develop Integrated and Customized Information Systems, and customers’ tailored software applications and services.

Our Team

GMSPAZIO’s unparalleled technology leadership is the result of its brilliant talent: a group who have a laser-like focus on innovation and an unrelenting drive to solve some of the most complex problems. Take a few minutes in the Services and Solutions pages to learn about the tech culture and the inspiring, interesting, and innovative projects are involved in.


ISO 9001:2015

Trade, training, design, development and system integration of Modeling & Simulation systems for Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security. Trade of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). Supply of systems, provision of services and data processing for the Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) and Space Situational Awareness, Satellite Remote Sensing and UAS data and information. Consultancy, Design, and Development of software solutions in ICT environment.” (Sectors 29, 33 e 35)

[Dasa-Rägister – ACCREDIA – # IQ-0806-07]

ISO 27001:2017

Design, development, support and maintenance of software in the Aerospace and Defense fields. Management of  astronomical and astrometric images used for Space Situational Awareness and Space Surveillance and Tracking Applications, and information and data related to them.

[Dasa-Rägister – ACCREDIA  – # IIS-0616-02]