GST² - GMSPAZIO Surface Based Air Defence Tactical & Training Simulator

ST² (Surface Based Air Defence Tactical & Training) is a specialized computer program designed for training operators of surface or naval-based air missile defense systems. It is capable of simulating the behavior of real, state-of-the-art air and missile defense systems. The simulation provides a one-on-one framework used to train operators of a generic air defense system, adhering to the latest doctrines and tactics employed by NATO and allied SAM Allocators and Weapons Allocators.

The software simulates various elements of a weapon system, including missiles, radar, launchers, system status, radios, and tactical datalink messages (STANAG 5516 or ATDLP-5.16 ed B version 1). The weapon system and interceptor missile can be customized using a model that represents the real performance of the system in terms of radar range/coverage and interceptor capabilities.

ST² can generate air tracks (aircraft, cruise missiles, UAVs) with simple straight and level or complex flight paths, as well as space tracks with ballistic trajectories. The flight path generator tool allows users to design specific flight paths and specify special maneuvers for entities to execute.

Training for Weapon System Operators includes:

  • Target detection

  • Target tracking

  • Target identification (classification and discrimination)

  • Threat evaluation and weapon assignment

  • Target engagement and assessment

  • Target probability of kill (% PK) calculation

Training for the Weapon System covers:

  • Aircraft and SBAD position
  • System status
  • Radar range, sectors, and status
  • Link status and communication control
  • Radio status
  • Launcher status

Missile Modeling:

  • Speed and acceleration performances

  • Max attitude

  • Range and acceleration profile

Doctrine and tactical training

Firing Doctrine

Methods of Fire

  • Single shot
  • Dual shot
  • Multiple shot
  • Shoot – look – shoot

Alert State

Air defense warning condition:

  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow

Sector of fire and target lines

Primary and secondary

Rules of engagement

  • Right of self defense
  • Identification criteria
  • Fire control orders: assign, engage, cease engage, hold fire, cover
  • Weapons control status: weapon hold, weapon tight, weapon free
  • Mode of control: centralized, decentralized, autonomous

Tactical datalink training enables connectivity with a C2 architecture based on Link16 JREAP/C, allowing ST² to simulate the behavior of a Link16-compliant SBAD system and serve as a training tool for NATO SAM Allocators and Weapon Control Managers. This training facilitates comprehension of operational procedures and firing doctrines across different operator levels.

Interoperability in modeling and simulation allows ST² to interface with a DIS version 6 architecture, enabling it to function as a scenario generator for a real HITL SBAD weapon system.

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