Simplifying aerospace modeling and simulation since 2005


Project drafting and support in the preliminary stages of the mission: strategy, analysis of requirements, costs, and necessary equipment.


Support to design, development, test, and deploy for optimal management of mission resources


Integrated Solutions for Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security


System Integrator for Aerospace, Defense & Homeland Security markets, Developer of Integrated Solutions for Space Situational Awareness


Support to Design, Develop, Test and Deploy customized ICT Applications for land, sea, air and space resources management


Solutions for Aerospace, Defense and Homeland Security, focusing on 4D (Space + Time) artificial scenario management


Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 19 – 00146 – Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 45552502

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About Us

GMSPAZIO serves since 2005, Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security, with solutions focused on 4Ds (Space + Time) Synthetic Scenarios Management to help customers managing: Complex Simulation Scenarios, Space Surveillance & Tracking and Space Situational Awareness issues, Border Patrol Control Activities, Missile Defense Network Modeling, Satellite Remote Sensing Projects, and UAVs Surveillance Activities, offering Products, Services, and Training to develop Integrated and Customized Information Systems, and customers’ tailored software applications and services.

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