GSTT has been built to assist customers analysing collision avoidance risks managing satellite mission.

GSTT is the integrated system able to allow the cooperation of several heterogeneous SSA/SST Systems devoted to Space Surveillance & Tracking, and Space Situational Awareness operations.


GMDT offers integrated Modeling & Simulations capabilities to model Missile Defense Network performance.

GMTK models and simulates ICBM, MRBM, SRBM single and multiple stages, ballistic and guided missiles scenarios.


GSC2 has been created to operate maritime vessel traffic monitoring over the seven seas. It offers the customer an integrated view of the sea basins and the tracks of the ships currently navigating inside it obtained through the decoding of maritime traffic control signals.


GMPS is a solution dedicated to Mission Planning & Mission Simulation supporting Satellite Missions dedicated to Remote Sensing Activities (LEO Orbits with single/multiple Satellites and single/multiple Uplink and Downlink Ground Stations).


GSIF investigates imaging acquisition opportunities for a wide set of customizable EO satellite missions. It allows customer to simplify the image request steps through a set of tools able to contact directly a predefined set of Remote Sensing Data Suppliers.


GSMR has been developed to ingest UAV attitude and flight data extracting sensor orientation and producing images draping over the Digital Terrain Model of the observed areas.

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