UAV Monitoring and Surveillance

UAV market represents an interesting and innovative segment of remote sensing activities. GMSPAZIO owns and operates its EAGLE-1 UAV, a Microdrones ™ md2-400 quadcopter to fulfill users requirements in several monitoring, surveillance and control areas of applications.


Service offered by GMSPAZIO to compare and estimate the variations occurred in a specific customer’s AOI (Area of Interest), producing change detection maps accessible also on-line. A set of algorithms provide the expected results identifying, extracting and validating information (both in standard and GIS formats) related to changes occurred in a specific customer AOI.


Built maps in 2D & 3D from satellite images is the Service offered by GMSPAZIO to update existing cartographic maps generating 3D representation of the territory extruding existing man made infrastructures draped over existing DEM, using VHR panchromatic and/or multispectral remote sensing satellite images.

Remote Sensing Images Processing Services

GMSPAZIO offers a wide set of remote sensing images processing options. Image processing spans from radiometric and geometric corrections, to georeferencing and orthorectification steps, producing deliverable data, always accompanied with ISO19115 standard XML metadata files.

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